How Do Bankrupt People Pay For Bankruptcy?

cantPayStruggling to keep up with bills and living expenses can be extremely stressful when money is tight. It can cause discord within a marriage and make parenting more challenging than it already is. Bankruptcy may be the best solution to this dilemma, but if you’re already struggling to make ends meet, how will you pay for the attorney and court fees?

A Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help

It may be tempting to save some money by filing your bankruptcy on your own, but there are risks involved. You may inadvertently leave out some information, damaging your case and financial future. You may miss out on the benefits of filing the correct type of bankruptcy or even lose property that you could have held on to. Just the peace of mind of knowing you have an expert on your side can be worth the little extra money you’ll spend to hire a professional bankruptcy attorney.

I understand how difficult it can be to save up all the money before filing your case. Waiting to file until you have the entire amount saved just leads to more calls from creditors and stress in your home. I always strive to keep my fees reasonable and also offer payment plans. With a minimal investment up front, we can conduct your Means Test, decide which type of bankruptcy will work best for you, and get your case filed. This will put the Automatic Stay into effect, stopping your creditors from contacting you. Once your case is filed, you can then make payments until all your fees are covered. I’ll be sure to spell everything out for you so that nothing gets missed.

But Where Do I Get The Money?

Payment plans and fair fees are wonderful options, but you still need to come up with the money, right? Once your case is filed, you will no longer need to worry about payments on credit cards or medical bills, so you can possibly use that money to pay court and attorney fees. This is the plan that most of my clients choose. Another option would be to borrow money from a friend or relative and just pay the fees up front to get the worry off your mind. It is perfectly acceptable to borrow money to file bankruptcy, as long as the person lending you the money is understanding and patient. Please do not use your credit card or line of credit to pay for your bankruptcy. Charging more on a credit card that you’re about to include in a bankruptcy could be considered bankruptcy fraud and has severe consequences.

Contact Me For More Information

If you’re considering bankruptcy but are struggling to come up with the money to file, give me a call so we can discuss payment options. I’m here to get your case filed quickly and seamlessly so you can stop worrying and start living debt free.

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