Helping a Friend Through Bankruptcy

NotAloneWe all need extra help from time to time, whether we’re dealing with a busy schedule, health problem, or emotional difficulties. Coping with financial challenges such as bankruptcy can feel very isolating because of the shame and privacy that’s often associated with budgeting and income. If your friend is having money troubles, it can be hard to know how to support and care for them. It would be great to be able to just pay off your friend’s debts, but that’s not really realistic for the majority of people.

How Can You Help?

There are ways you can support and encourage your friend through this difficult time. The most important thing is to just treat your friend with the love and respect that you always have.

  • Talk it out – Bankruptcy is a last resort for most people and can be very frustrating. Your friend might just need a listening ear to vent to, so try to listen without judgment. At other times, it might be helpful to offer advice and guidance. The best way to know how to help is to simply ask. Whether they need practical help like babysitting or paperwork organization, or something distracting like some laughs over a movie, you can be of help just by being a friend.
  • Make realistic plans – Just because your friend is short on cash doesn’t mean they don’t want to participate in the fun things in life. While they will probably need to decline invitations for vacations or expensive dinners out, you could get creative and plan some more affordable fun. Instead of a night on the town, host a themed potluck party with all of your friends or hit up happy hour. If you’d normally meet for coffee and lunch, chat over coffee at home instead. You don’t need to include your friend in everything you do, but they’ll appreciate some economical options for socializing.
  • Help them see the future – Your friend may be stuck in a rut and having trouble seeing how things will get better over time. You can help them to see the reality of bankruptcy. It’s not a failure or dead end—it truly is a fresh start with a clean slate. Remind them that anything they may lose is just a material possession and that they will recover and get back on their feet. If they’re feeling negative, by all means listen, but it’s also your role to always point them to the bright side.

Don’t Go It Alone

If you have a friend who’s feeling overwhelmed by their debt, you can help by getting them connected with a professional bankruptcy attorney. I’m here to take a look at their situation and offer advice and solutions. Give me a call today to schedule an appointment so you and your friend can get back to enjoying life. Contact us today to get started. Click here if you need a Eugene bankruptcy attorney , or check here for our other Oregon and Washington locations.