What will it cost to file bankruptcy?

What Will it Cost to File BankruptcyCosts to file bankruptcy include attorney fees, court fees and credit counseling fees. Attorney fees vary depending on the type of bankruptcy being filed as well as the facts and circumstances of each case. To find out the approximate cost of filing your case, go to Locations to call the office nearest you.

In most chapter 7 cases, you are required to pay a flat fee for basic services before the case is filed with the court. Cascade Bankruptcy offers convenient payment plans based on what you can afford to allow you to pay the fees while referring creditors to our office.  This will prevent your creditors from harassing you by phone while you are preparing to file your case.

If you are filing chapter 13, Cascade Bankruptcy typically allows you to file after simply signing a fee agreement and paying an initial $100 retainer and the Court’s filing fee of $274. The remaining fees are paid over time from your chapter 13 plan payments.

Filing fees are typically paid before the case is filed. The Bankruptcy Court publishes a list of fees on their website.

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