Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

iStock_000018766927XSmallChapter 13 reorganization bankruptcy is a court monitored repayment plan. Filing a chapter 13 immediately stop creditors and allows you to propose reasonable repayment terms that often result in eliminating most or all of your debts, while allowing you to keep your possessions, including your home and vehicles. Chapter 13 is typically filed as an alternative to a chapter 7 fresh start bankruptcy where the debtor does not qualify for chapter 7, or where the debtor wishes to protect assets that could be liquidated in a chapter 7 case.

A Chapter 13 repayment plan usually runs 3 to 5 years, and can also be used to allow you to repay arrears on your home mortgage over time, while stopping an impending foreclosure.

Chapter 13 cases have always been complicated and require the assistance of an experienced attorney. To speak to a Cascade Bankruptcy attorney, go to LOCATIONS to find our office nearest you, or go to CONTACT US to email your inquiries which will be reviewed by on of our attorneys.